Nut's Mechanical Picking Self-propelled Harvesters

The harvesters are for mechanical picking from the ground huzelnuts, chestnuts, walnuts, almonds, macadamias, olives etc.

Made in Italy by asquini Srl.


portarrezzi semovente cabinta scarrabile



Maximum height mt. 1,85

Picking width mt. 3,00

Transport width mt. 2,40

Frontal working length mt. 5,60

Transport length mt. 5,80

Back track mt. 1,90

Four-wheel drive

Total weight Kg. 4.100

Inside steering angle mt. 2,00

Outside steering angle mt. 5,00

Iveco diesel engine 100 Cv

Tyres 31/15,50/15

Towing with a 30/40% slope Kg. 1.500

Indipendent dump box Lt. 1.000

Yeld 500-900 Kg./per hour

The nuts/fruits are properly cleaned

Hydraulic lifting

Can work on a 30/40% sloping ground

Very easy to handle

With rotary frontal brushes



Indipendent on Silent Bloc



With Air-conditioned

inside electro-hydraulic control for all the components

Shock absorber and adjustable driver seat

standing brake

Security system for all the components

Sensor for driver precence inside the cabin



Nuts/fruits harvesting by aspiration system

Machine for harvesting olives on the tree or by a vibrator

Equipment for treatment

Equipment for lifting